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  • Ordering Options: Joyful Boy Gnome with a full beard, Joyful Girl Gnome with adorable pig-tails, or the best option being the two-piece set that includes one boy and one girl Joyful Gnome. The two-piece set will display the best in your home or office setting.
  • About: Each and every Joyful Gnome is made from the highest quality materials and meticulously handcrafted for many years of enjoyment in your home or office decor. Our unique Scandinavian-inspired Joyful Gnomes are simply joyful to look at, incredibly adorable, and they are known to bring much happiness and good fortune to your entire family and home.
  • Sizes: In general, our Joyful Gnomes are approximately 11-12” high and 3-4" wide at the base.
  • Materials: Joyful Gnomes are made from high-quality merino wool felt and 100% cotton fabric, faux fur beards, and wooden noses. Filled with Premium Poly-Fil pellets and fiber as well as a variety of silk embroidery for hand-sewn details.  We pay careful attention to every detail when crafting your gnome.
  • Background: This lovable mythological creature originated from Nordic folklore and they are usually associated with the winter solstice and the Christmas season, though we offer Joyful Gnomes for every season and occasion.
  • Note: Due to the nature of hand-craftsmanship of Joyful Gnomes, slight variation in details may occur.

Use this listing to order joyful gnomes not otherwise listed. Email us at support@joyfulgnomes.com with the additional specifics about your order.

Made in America!