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Joyful Gnomes Information and Description

All of our Joyful Gnomes are handmade to order from the finest quality materials and meticulously detailed craftsmanship.  Curvy hat gnomes are made so that its hat can be positioned to your liking.
Sizes:  Most of our straight hat Joyful Gnomes are approximately 11" tall and 3" wide at the base.  Curvy hat Joyful Gnomes are approximately 10" tall and just under 4" wide at the base.  Joyful Ornament Gnomes are generally 4-5" long.  Our heirloom snow globe quilted ornaments are 3" in diameter. 
Product Listings:  Throughout the Joyful Gnomes website, some of our products may be displayed along with small props to add interest to the product photo. These small props are NOT included with the item as we are selling only the products shown on our menu.
Variations - Due to the nature of crafting each Joyful Gnome by hand, one order at a time, slight variations in details may occur. These slight variations actually helps to make each Joyful Gnome unique, making them even more special.
Ordering and Lead Time:  While we have an entire studio with supplies ready to complete your order, our Joyful Gnomes are made to order and not just sitting on a shelf.  Because of this and the craftsmanship that goes into each and every order, please allow 3-5 business days for us to create your adorable Joyful Gnome.  Shipping time is additional.  We promise, it's always worth this small wait!
New Products:  We are constantly dreaming up new ideas for our Joyful Gnomes and other handmade items.  Some of our current products were derived from customer suggestions.  We would welcome your ideas for new gnomes and any other handmade fabric items.  You can send us your unique ideas by emailing us at support@joyfulgnomes.com or by the Contact Us page here on this site.  Subscribe to our Joyful Newsletter for updates and exclusive discounts.
All Joyful Gnomes are Proudly Made in America!